Each business is unique, but every business needs to reach more customers and grow.

Whether you’re a small business with a limited budget or a large, established company, we have a program designed to help you reach your full potential.  With more than 15 years of experience at creating and delivering winning Internet marketing programs for businesses, we bring you our new superior marketing programs that are easy to implement and to get fast results.

Pay Per Lead/Transaction Service

Pay for each qualified lead or when your customer completes a transaction.  This is a complete turnkey service, where  InterneXperts creates and manages the ad copy, keyword and custom landing pages. You get quality leads and quickly increase your revenue.

  • You pay only for each lead/transaction
  • No setup fees
  • Fees include all media costs
  • Campaigns are completely managed by InterneXperts

Pricing: Prices starting at $30 per qualified lead. (Pricing varies by industry and conversion goals.  Pricing includes all advertising placement fees.)

Startup Service for Small and Emerging Businesses

Designed for companies just starting their online marketing program.  This program is designed to help you get started, with a small budget before you make a significant investment in online marketing. Our goal is to make an investment in you and your business, deliver a marketing campaign that delivers new profitable customers, and win you as a life-long customer.

  • Free initial custom account plan
  • Development of ad copy
  • Keyword research and testing
  • Ongoing split testing and account optimization
  • Landing page consultation
  • Detailed weekly campaign reports
  • Free basic Google Analytics setup
  • Free account setup
  • No monthly minimums

Pricing: Fees are based on when you actually spend money on clicks with Google Adwords, independent of how long a campaign runs before you get those clicks.  We charge a $300 service fee after you incur an initial $50 in Google Adwords clicks, and then an additional $300 fee for each additional $200, $350, and then $500 of additional ad spending.  At no time will our monthly fees exceed $500/month.  This service is only available to new customers for up to four months but can be continued at InterneXperts sole discretion.

Full Service Campaign Management

InterneXperts Full Service Campaign Management Service includes comprehensive planning, development, execution, and ongoing optimization of your search engine marketing campaigns.

  • Free initial account strategy plan
  • Campaign identification & development
  • Development of ad copy
  • Keyword research and testing
  • Ongoing ad copy split testing and account optimization
  • Landing page design consultation
  • Detailed weekly campaign reports
  • Free basic Google Analytics setup
  • Free account setup
  • No long-term contract. Cancel at any time
  • 30 Day money-back satisfaction guarantee

Pricing: $500/month + 15% of media/ad placement fees ($700 minimum monthly fee waived for the first three months.)

Self-Service Campaign Management

Designed for the marketer who wants to run and manage their own campaigns but wants the confidence in knowing that they can get support and expertise when needed.  This program includes monthly reviews to review and plan campaigns, as well as unlimited email support throughout the month.  All campaigns are monitored by InterneXperts for your peace of mind.

  • Free initial custom account plan
  • Free basic Google Analytics setup
  • Ongoing InterneXperts campaign monitoring
  • Unlimited email support throughout the month
  • Detailed weekly campaign reports

Pricing: $300/month

Internet Marketing Services Promotions

InterneXperts provides a full range of Internet strategy and marketing program management services.  Please contact us to learn more.

  • One-time Adword Account optimization – $1,500
  • Multi-Variate Testing (Landing Page Optimization) – $2,000
  • Comprehensive Internet Marketing Plan – $3,000
  • Landing Page Development – $125/hr
  • Executive Internet Strategy Consulting – $250/hr

We are completely committed to your success and satisfaction with our services. We encourage you to review “Our Client Promise”.