1. We will meet with you at no charge and with no obligation.  After we meet, we will explain whether or not we can help you and why.  If we can’t help you, we will put you in touch with trusted firms who can. 

2. We will first seek to understand your business, your sales process, and your target customers. 

3. We will lay out for you a straightforward, logical plan for your Internet marketing effort.  A plan that will be based on a fundamental alignment of your Internet marketing strategy with your overall business objectives. 

4. We will implement cost-effective, easy-to-use website and campaign tracking and analysis tools.  These tools will deliver interactive, easy-to-understand reports which will keep you up to date on the status and success of your campaigns and website. 

5. We will plan, develop, implement and test Internet marketing campaign elements, including creative copy, keyword lists, offer design, landing page concepts, and conversion-to-sales programs. 

6. We will train you on using the tools and how to manage your own campaigns, and we will provide ongoing support through campaign and website monitoring and our helpdesk. 

7. If you prefer, we will manage your Internet marketing campaigns for you, or we will help you hire the internal or external resources to manage your marketing campaigns. 

8. We will always work with you with the highest ethical standards, stand behind our work, and not waver in our commitment to your success. 

9. Will will work hard to earn your trust and long-term loyalty, and we hope to leverage our understanding of your business and objectives to provide additional strategic and tactical marketing support.