Concentrate On The Basics

Our team has built and run marketing organizations for some of the leading bay area startups and technology companies.  We understand process, marketing strategy, and marketing program management on a small and large scale.

We also understand is that many companies often suffer because they don’t have enough experience with basic marketing concepts and how to implement them.  That’s where InterneXperts comes in.  We prefer to strip out the overhead, keep it simple, yet lay the foundation for good results and future growth.  We believe in the “80/20” rule.  Less is more!

Start Small & Build Trust

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a kick-ass marketing function.  By breaking down projects into small, manageable groups, we deliver tangible results that are both quick and have a meaningful impact on your business.  Developing a strategic “go to market” plan can have a game-changing long-term impact for a company, but executing a Google AdWords campaign can deliver new leads and revenue in weeks, not months or quarters.

We prefer to start with a small and tangible project.  Our goal is to deliver something of immediate value, get to know you, and begin to build trust.  We’re confident that you’ll like us, see the value of our work, and as us to help you in other ways.

Help Our Clients Be Self-Reliant

We’re not in the business to nickel-and-dime you anytime you call with a question.  We want to build a long-term relationship, that is built on mutual trust and respect.  One of our goals is to help you be self-reliant in running your marketing programs.  We understand that many times our clients don’t have the skills to setup a marketing program but have the skill and commitment to maintain one that someone else can put in place for them. We purposely try to keep our solutions simple, yet effective, with the expectation that you will be able to do the follow up maintenance work themselves.  Sure, if you want to hire us to manage your marketing for you, we’ll be happy to manage them.  However, we think it’s unethical to to charge you for developing programs that we know you’ll have to hire us to run for you.

Keep Our Costs Low & Pass The Savings On To Our Customers

Our team has started companies and served small businesses for years.  We recognize what it’s like to survive on seed funding or waiting for the customer to pay their bill.  So, whenever possible, we look for marketing tools and services that deliver great value:  a very good quality solution, at a below average cost.  We select tools that deliver most of the impact of high-end, premium services at a fraction of the cost.

Keep It Simple

We try to avoid marketing-speak.  One of the nicest compliments we get is when a client says “I finally understand what that consultant was talking about.”  We’re not trying to impress you with buzzwords to convince you to pay us a fortunate.  We focus on delivering the few, high value deliverables you need to be successful and strip out all the rest.  That makes it easier for you to understand, simpler for us to deliver, and easier to deliver more value.

Finally, three Important Beliefs

1.  The only metric that matters in a search marketing campaign is “How many dollars of revenue are generated from each dollar of advertising spend.”

2.  Every business needs to gather a few pieces of important financial data to measure its online success:  even if it is just an estimate or educated guess.

3.  Every business, regardless of size or budget, can significantly benefit from putting in place the basic tracking and analytics to measure its Internet marketing success.